A 2-4 player casual, chaotic and creative arena brawler where you decide the rules of combat! Under development by Sharp Raccoon


Make your own rules

In Rules of Robots, the rules are up to you! The game offers a variety of customization for weapons, score systems, physics, and more for endless possibilities when you fight against your friends in this fast-paced sandbox arena brawler


Build your own arena

Tired of playing our maps? Jump into the level editor and start building! The editor provides you with a huge set of assets to craft your own arena. Add portals, slippery floors, or even puzzles with dangerous traps


Share Online

Made something you like? Share it with your friends, and discover new ways to play together! If you are not the creative kind, don't worry. The game offers plenty of rulesets from the beginning, so you can jump straight into combat! Jump online for even more access to community-created games from all around the world


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